Well hey there.

My name is Nicole and I am a Boston-based intimate wedding + elopement photographer. I have a deep rooted love for cozy blankets, milk & cookies (half-baked, of course), and blasting my current strong female vocalist obsession literally wherever I go. Because I grew up in Utah, I’m all about mountain adventures but since moving to New England, I’ve discovered something I love even more - the ocean. Playing in the waves to the point of wrinkly fingers is where I’m at my happiest. Plus, there isn’t anything better than a perfectly scooped ice cream cone (with a waffle cone because I’m not a monster) after a trip to the beach where I could have worn a little more sunscreen. I’m a delicate combo of sassy, sarcastic and spunky - I can assure you that you will find me shredding your dance floor at the end of the day.

I have a big heart and I love hard which is why being a wedding photographer is right up my alley. I get to see two people commit to each other in the most real way possible and that’s pure magic to me. I’m a big believer that every moment and chapter in life is worth honoring and truly celebrating and I want to help everyone I meet have a chance to CELEBRATE. I am seriously speechless when I get to witness the big and small moments and I am so, sohonored to capture it all through my lens.

now you know a little bit more about me, let’s head over to the portfolio!

Nicole instantly made us feel at ease. Emma and I are a pretty silly couple and Nicole perfectly captured our goofy sides in addition to our gooey sides. We really felt like she understood us as a couple. Thank you, Nicole!
— Allie + Emma

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